Borehole Log, Hydraulic Conductivity, Variogram Software

Borehole Log, Hydraulic Conductivity, Variogram Software

Borehole Log, Hydraulic Conductivity, Variogram Software

EasySolve Software is dedicated to providing professional quality geoscience software at a fraction of the typical market price. Developed by industry professionals for their own use, these programs are high quality, easy to use, and the best value on the market today. Currently available for free download are a variety of tools for the environmental and earth science industry including Borehole Log, Hydraulic Conductivity & Variogram Software.

All EasySolve Software is now free, however, the programs will only run in "Demo Mode" until registered. After a program is installed, registration is completed over the phone. Additional registration information is found in the "Help" section of the running program. All EasySolve programs require Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/7.

Note: Windows 7 users may get the following error during installation:

Borehole Log Software

Please click "Ignore" and the software will install successfully.

Guarantee: If, within 15 days, you are not completely satisfied with the performance of any of our programs, we will refund 100% of the purchase price (90% for credit card customers).

Borehole Log Software

Borehole Log Software EasyLog : Borehole Log Software - A tool for creating graphical reports of borings, test pits, and groundwater monitoring wells. Improve the look of your professional reports with this easy to use Borehole Log Software. Full version now FREE.

Borehole Log SoftwareBorehole Log SoftwareBorehole Log SoftwareBorehole Log Software

Hydraulic Conductivity Software

Hydraulic Conductivity Software SizePerm : Hydraulic Conductivity Software - Calculates hydraulic conductivity of unconsolidated material from grain size analysis using 10 of the most accepted methods, and provides detailed reports with supporting documentation. The least expensive way to determine hydraulic conductivity for your projects. Full version now FREE.

Hydraulic Conductivity SoftwareHydraulic Conductivity SoftwareHydraulic Conductivity Software

Variogram Software

Variogram Software OmniVar : Variogram Software - An interactive, graphical, 2D variogram analysis tool, providing a graphical report of the experimental data and fitted model with supporting documentation. Full version now FREE.

Variogram SoftwareVariogram SoftwareVariogram SoftwareVariogram Software

Borehole Log, Hydraulic Conductivity, Variogram Software

Some of our customers:

Army Corps of Engineers - Vicksburg, Mississippi
Black Beauty Coal Co. - Evansville, Indiana
Bureau of Reclamation - Denver, Colorado
Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. - Columbus, Ohio
Miami University Geology Department - Oxford, Ohio
Resource Control Associates, Inc. - Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Total Technology, Inc. - New London, Connecticut
TVA Engineering Lab - Norris, Tennessee
Twentymile Coal Co. - Oak Creek, Colorado
University of Minnesota - Duluth, Minnesota
Virginia Geotechnical Services, P.C. - Richmond, Virginia

Borehole Log, Hydraulic Conductivity, Variogram Software

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Borehole Log, Hydraulic Conductivity, Variogram Software


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Borehole Log, Hydraulic Conductivity, Variogram Software

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